CritDice 1.0.4

A simple dice roller for D&D and other games. Faster and easier than real dice.

A simple dice roller for D&D and other games. Faster and easier than real dice.

CritDice is a free dice roller for Android. It can be used for D&D and many other games where dice are rolled. CritDice provides a clean user-interface which makes rolling dice faster and easier than the real thing. Need to roll 8 six-sided dice and add 12 to the result, after drinking a few beers at game night - without being laughed at by your friends when the mental math takes longer than it should? With CritDice, the results are added up instantly. Drink as many beers as you'd like. CritDice will keep you rolling.

- Clean and polished user interface. Who says geeks have no style? You'll be the most stylish geek at your game table.

- Simple dice calculator supports many dice types, combinations of dice, and modifiers.

- Dice results are totaled and shown in a large popup, along with detailed results of the individual dice rolled.

- Roll dice by tapping the ROLL button or by shaking the device. Shake again while the dice results are shown to re-roll.

- Dice formulas can be saved as "favorites", allowing 1-tap rolling.

- Access a list of all previous dice results, and tap any result to re-roll.

- Customize dice sounds. For example, a custom sound can be played when a 20 (critical hit) is rolled on a d20.

- Optional text-to-speech announcement of roll results.

Unlike other dice rollers, CritDice features a clean and modern user interface based on Android Material Design guidelines. This makes rolling dice on your phone or tablet incredibly quick and easy. Also, you can assign custom sound effects based on dice roll results. For example, when a 20 is rolled on a 20-sided die, a sound effect can play to announce to your gaming buddies just how much you pwn.

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CritDice 1.0.4

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